Writer’s Champion

WHO: Me (a screenwriter, novelist, short story writer, essayist, & memoirist) as your Writer’s Champion.

WHAT: In stories, I can quickly isolate character flaws and story holes, and dispense real fixes and solutions without total rewrites!

I will help you (whether naturally anxious, woefully uninspired, or suffering a serious case of writer’s block) understand where/why you’re stuck, get you confidently unstuck and moving forward again.

I’m hungry for quality entertainment and will help you craft stories that are high quality & entertaining!

And I will help you succeed with your writing goals in a timely manner.

HOW: 3 PARTS– As a Sounding Board, an Ego Booster, and an Accountability Partner.

As a listener providing a safe space for your ideas to grow and develop without fear of stifling criticism.

As your own personal cheerleader, I support, curb anxiety, and help you recognize creative potential.

As a task-master I help you develop goals and set time limits to gain success as fast as possible.

WHY: Because nobody is an island… we can all use people with boats!

When it comes to story, I know what I’m talking about from the countless hours of course work study specializing in creative writing, story structure, character archetype, and research into human behaviors, totaling 9 years of study! I know what makes for believable and memorable characters and compelling tales!

I’m interested in understanding people, fostering dreams, and doing it in a safe, criticize-free zone.

Once I’ve gotten to know you (your goals, fears, and obstacles standing in the way) my knowledge of you as an individual, combined with my passion for helping and creating quality work, aids me in developing tangible goals, setting realistic expectations and restoring that creative spark within you, so you can go on to craft something amazing!


The first two 30 min. sessions are free!