Book Bites: Book Reviews

Book Reviews

As much as I never know what I’m in the mood to eat, I never know what I’m in the mood to read. With Book Bites, I group books into bite-sized categories like meals.

Beginning with Snacks, these are books that are fun, easy to read, and can be put down and picked back up without missing a beat. These are usually classified as ‘Summer/Beach Reads’ online.

Main Courses are books that take longer to read due to language, content, or theme. These are the kind of books that stick to your bones and help shape who you are. These are books that are ‘Classics’ or categorized as ‘Literary or Contemporary Fiction’ online, they can be Nonfiction or Memoirs as well.

Desserts are books that are delightful, the type of reads you can’t put down and can’t wait to pick up again. These are those books with catchphrases like ‘Thrill-ride,’ ‘Romantic journey,’ and ‘Captivating’ to describe them and are usually found in the ‘Genre Fiction’ category online.