Book-Bite Snacks are books that are fun, easy to read, and can be put down and picked up without missing a beat. These are usually classified online as ‘Summer/Beach Reads.’

Book Author My Star Ratings
Digital Fortress Dan Brown  3
 The Locket  Richard Paul Evans  2
The Notebook Nicholas Sparks  2
 Message in a Bottle  Nicholas Sparks  2
 Nights at Rodanthe  Nicholas Sparks  2
 The Murder House  James Patterson  2
 Sunday’s at Tiffany’s  James Patterson  2
 The Beach House  James Patterson  2
 Storm Front  Jim Butcher  3
 The Time Machine H.G. Wells  3
Into the Water  Paula Hawkins  2
 Dragon Teeth  Michael Crichton  2
 The Pigeon Tunnel: Stories from My Life  by John le Carre’  2
 Origin Dan Brown  2
 Footsteps in the Snow  Charles Lachman  2
 The Girl With No Name  Marina Chapman  2
 The Girl on The Best Seller List Vin Packer 2