American Housewife by Helen Ellis

american-housewife-book-coverThis book is delicious and was just as satisfying as dessert! I would describe Helen Ellis’s American Housewife short story collection as a collaboration of every type of woman imaginable with the wit, twists, and shock to go with them. Each of the twelve stories is an anthem to a contemporary wife delivered with charm and on the spot hilarity. I laughed out loud with the wife who “[…] pumps the salad spinner like a CPR dummy”. I routed for the writer who finds herself as part of a Reality TV show. I was intrigued by a book club that is run like a cult and shocked when Ellis examines what would put a wife on the brink, and then swiftly kicks her over the edge. Each story is amazing, and Ellis is sharp. Beautifully written and deliciously descriptive, this book is 188 pages and hard to put down. Find it at,,

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