Storm Front: A Book Review

Storm Front: A Book ReviewStorm Front Book

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Storm Front by Jim Butcher is his first novel and the first book in the Dresden Files series. Truthfully, it was a pleasant surprise. Harry Dresden is like anybody; he struggles to pay his rent on time, he owns a cat named Mister and doesn’t date much. Life’s not bad, he’s self-employed, and is a consultant for the Chicago Police Department of the Special Crimes Unit. Harry is observant and keen, his expertise, however, isn’t in dealing with the normal, but rather, the paranormal-Harry is a wizard.
Flippant and often morose, Harry seems to draw trouble, and it’s always cataclysmic. In the book, Storm Front, Harry is on assignment to track down a murderer, while at the same time, watch his back for a Crime Boss, a sexy, sensational journalist, as well as his mythical parole officer who has it in for him. The closer Harry gets to discovering the person or person’s committing these gothic crimes, his own life is dangerously close to coming to an abrupt end. Fast, fun, and ferociously funny, Jim Butcher delivers all 322 pages with charming flair.

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