Touch: A Book Review

Get ready for a Main Course type book!

Touch book cover

Touch by Claire North is a Suspense Thriller and a ghost story. Set in present day, Kepler is an ancient spirit, one of a few who at the time of their body’s traumatic demise have souls with the ability to “jump” into the person closest to them. These ghosts then jump from life to life, some for mere minutes, others for the duration of their host’s lifetime. Kepler is unusual in that he/she has made a career as an “estate agent,” matching ghosts with their ideal host.

Kepler has been living inside Jacqueline, a willing host, and ex-prostitute when one day, she is killed. In trying to find those responsible for Jacqueline’s murder, Kepler discovers a network of ghost hunters and that Kepler is on the top of an assassination list. But why?

This was an intriguing novel and well written. My only struggle was that it was confusing at times as to Kepler’s identity, being able to body swap and doing so frequently. It is also written in a literary style, which at times slowed down it’s pacing. However, I did enjoy its concepts and story line. I’ve categorized it as a Main Course due to the writing style used and it’s length. Touch is an NPR recommend and is 432 pages.

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