Having my Vegan Pancakes with a side of bacon this morning!

My husband and I went to breakfast at this little place called Cubby’s ( a chain restaurant). What I love about Cubby’s is that they serve hamburgers with a Gluten-free bun–super big in size, as well as super dry, but then beggars can’t be choosers, right? Anyway, few places serve hamburgers with an actual bun rather than a piece of withered lettuce as their GF substitute, so I like the place. This morning I ordered off the menu their pancakes, headlined as their Vegan breakfast. Obviously, I’m a carnivore (as well as a cheese, butter, and a honey eater) but I can’t have wheat, so, Pancakes-ala-Vegan. When the dish arrived, a hearty slice of pork bacon was served with it! God love the people that don’t know what Vegan means!


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