Girl Last Seen: Book Bite Review

Girl Last Seen Book CoverHere’s your next Dessert book!

Laine Moreno and Olivia Shaw look exactly alike, only thirteen-years apart. Laine was kidnapped at ten-years-old. When she was thirteen, she was dropped off on the side of the road, pregnant. Her abductor was never found. For ten years Laine has prowled Missing Child websites hunting for a connection between her, her kidnapper, and the missing, without luck. Not one child matches the profile Laine has constructed from her own experience until ten-year-old Olivia Shaw.

Detective Sean Ortiz, the beat cop who found her on the side of the road, contacts Laine. He is tasked to find out if Laine has recovered memory or clues of her abductor or if she had something to do with Olivia’s disappearance—after all, Laine is Olivia’s biological mother.

Nina Laurin’s Psychological Thriller is full of twists, astonishing revelations and is hard to put down. The story is a gritty look at sexual abuse, captivity, and what it means to have survived both. Although I liked Laurin’s painfully flawed heroine, Laine, it was frustrating that any positive progress from her was accidental. I wish the character of Laine were triumphant because she wanted to change her life around, not because she happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and lived. Overall, I liked the 340-paged book, and I’ll probably read another one from Laurin.

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