Book Review: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Ready Player One book cover

Get Ready for a Book Bite Dessert!

Set in the year 2044, Wade Owen Watts aka Parzival has spent five years searching for clues hidden inside the virtual reality gaming system called OASIS. James Halliday, the creator, dies and leaves his fortune to the first player to locate three keys that unlock three gates leading to an Easter egg and all of Halliday’s fortune. Wade must outsmart other gamers, through a maze of computer games and 1980’s nostalgia, as well as, I.O.I, a company willing to do whatever it takes to amass Halliday’s wealth. Nolan Sorrento heads I.O.I’s Oology Division and runs the hunt for the egg with thousands of employees at his disposal. He also has his sights set on Wade, who has won fame and is now, no longer safe inside the virtual world nor is he safe in the outside world, either. The story comes down to one moment, good vs. bad, as to who will win.

I’ve been familiar with this book for years through Science Fiction workbooks and classes, but I hadn’t read it until now. Overall, I liked it. It was fun to read and relatively quick, except for the extensive information given about ‘80’s Arcade games restated over and over again. It was fun to reminisce the 1980’s period OASIS that is centered around. Wade is a likable character, and Sorrento is a very unlikeable character. The plot is intriguing. However, this book is 579 pages but could be halved and still be great, other than that I’m glad I read it.

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