iRony Master

For Christmas this year I got an iPhone Watch. Actually, I was talked into getting an iPhone Watch.

I’d had a Fitbit that I used and rarely took off. I liked knowing my heart rate and keeping track of how many steps I took a day—I got competitive at it.

When said Fitbit bit the dust, my husband recommended the Apple Watch as a replacement. My hesitation over getting one was that it was another thing I’d have to figure out, just like my iPhone that I’m sure is used at half capacity. Also, why spend more money just to check off 10,000 steps a day?

Well, I surrendered. I have and wear a brand spanking new iWatch, and in the process, I have given up any freedom I didn’t notice I had. Now, I’m interrupted every hour on the hour with a chirp followed by a message; Time to stand up, Master. Master? That’s the other thing, why am I suddenly given Master status? I’m not a Master over my watch. I’m someone who owns a watch. Period.

I stand, I walk around my office for one minute, and then I’m told that I’ve earned another hour to sit. Ridiculous! Calls, Texts, if there’s an appointment on the horizon, I hear about it, constantly, and immediately.

Before, I used my phone—I’d ignore it for hours at a time. I’d leave it on my desk or on my dresser and go to other parts of my house. Upon returning, I’d check it for messages or calls. Done. I was the one calling the shots! Me!

I know there is something to having access to how much time has passed since I moved. I appreciate that the Pharmacy has my refill ready, and early. These are indeed perks. However, having an iPhone Watch is not all that convenient—not like it’s packaged as being, anyway.

I guess what really, really bothers me is the irony of the whole thing. I write Science Fiction Short Stories. In fact, I’m working on one now. Here I am delving into what-if scenarios about technology’s place among humanity, all of which of course ends horrifically, because I’m a bit of a sadist and write a lot of Horror, too, and I’m being monitored, manipulated, and spurred on by the object I wear purposefully on my wrist!

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