A Quiet Moment

It has been a while since I took Zoey for a walk. I have a list of excuses for why I haven’t taken the time to walk my dog. The weather has been cold. I’ve been busy. Christmas.

This afternoon, I knew it was time, not just for her sake, but for mine. I weatherproofed Zoey throwing a sweater over her head and tethering her to a harness and leash, and I followed suit and bundled up myself. We started walking.

Zoey was excited. She sniffed, peed, and scratched up dead grasses where the scent of another dog had passed. She was on a mission. Her nose kept low, her ears pinned back.
The wind was chilly. The sun was out, and it seemed we were the only two left in the world. We strolled through our neighborhood and up a steep hillside where an LDS Temple perches at the top and the end of a curve in the sidewalk.

Winter has been mild for Utah this year. We are lucky. We are ignorant of the bitter freeze, rivers of mud, and school closures that are rampant to both the west and the east. At that moment, everything was still. In the distance, the cry of seagulls hinted of summer coming around the bend.

I had no agenda for going for a walk today. No storyboard to work through in my head. No emotional baggage to drop along the way. No podcast to catch up on. Today I decided to open my front door and go.

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