Origin by Dan Brown: A Book Bites Book Review

Origin book coverThis book isn’t fun enough to be a genuine Book Bite Snack, it’s too long and isn’t thrilling enough to be a dessert. However, a Snack is where you’ll find it. I gave it two stars.

Brilliant billionaire and computer scientist, Edmond Kirsh, has finally answered the philosophical questions of Where are we from and Where are we going? At the moment he is to make his discovery public he is struck down by an assassin. Professor Robert Langdon, a former teacher of Kirsh’s, and friend, now finds himself accused of kidnapping the future Queen of Spain a hunted down by not only the assassin, but by the Spanish Police Force, and the Palace Guard.

Langdon must protect the next Queen, as well as crack the code to unleash Kirsh’s discovery online with only the help of Kirsh’s advanced A.I. named Winston. Can Langdon do it? Who else can?

Origin has been an anticipated novel, the fifth in the Robert Langdon series. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to its hype, which was heartbreaking as a Dan Brown fan. I found that there was a ton of historical background and minimal actual story. Robert Langdon became a secondary character to the lists of architectural feats and modern art. The marvelous plot twists and dazzling revelations that Brown is known for were limp, predictable, and weak. Well Dan Brown, maybe next time?

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