The Woman in the Window: Book Review

The Woman in the Window Book CoverDr. Anna Fox is in hiding; hiding from her guilt, her past, and the world around her. Once a gifted child Psychiatrist, Anna is now a recluse with debilitating Agoraphobia who is comfortable with her drug and alcohol addiction. Retreating from her old life and into a life of a shut-in, she misses her former patients. She misses her husband and daughter, even though she calls and chats with them every day, it’s not the same. Instead, she watches the world pass her by via a zoom camera lens.

One day, new neighbors move in across the street. Anna meets the sixteen-year-old son and likes him immediately and then meets the boy’s mom. Anna and Jane hit it off. Jane visits Anna a second time before she’s killed—before Anna watches from her window in a drunken stupor as Jane is stabbed, as Jane is murdered.

Did it happen? No one believes Anna that it did. She can’t prove it—how can she when she can’t even leave her house?

The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn is not a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window it’s a revision! The novel is breath catching, heart-clutching, and impossible to put down. Read it!

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