A Downright Gripe


I’ve noticed that whenever I purchase something online, I don’t receive it for approximately two weeks. It doesn’t matter that the items I’ve bought are in stock. It doesn’t matter that even though I am an Amazon Prime member, I still cannot get my stuff sent to my house in a reasonable amount of time unless…I pay an extra fifteen dollars to have said items delivered via their two-day shipping program.

What’s up with that?

I feel it is punishment for not paying extra for shipping. It also bothers me that when I signed up for Amazon Prime, one of the benefits was that I could get free shipping. There was no fine print that read unless we really, really don’t want to let you have it for free.

I’m taking an online writing course. I bought my textbooks two weeks ago. The books were said to be in stock. Even though I requested updates as to where my product was in route, I only got a noticed that they’d been shipped eight days after I’d paid. Still, there’s no sign of them. This week I began lesson three of the writing course, and it looks like I’m once again going to have to wing my assignment.

I expect a slow down on items shipped around Christmas time—that’s because everyone is buying and sending! However, how many people are taking the class I’m taking and need the textbooks I need?

Recently, I ordered some vitamins online. After I turned down the next-day-delivery option, suddenly my in stock vitamins would arrive between eight to fifteen days. And they are not international; they’re manufactured in California!

It would be quicker for me to drive the eight to ten hours there, pick them up, and drive home than it is to have them shipped to my house! Irritating! Everyone is so concerned about porch pirates stealing our packages, what about the thieves sending them out?

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