I’ll Be Gone In the Dark: One Woman’s Obsession with The Golden State Killer–A Book Review

I'll Be Gone In the Dark book coverThis book is delicious! Indeed a dessert type book!

In the tradition of Truman Capote, Michelle McNamara doesn’t just write about a serial rapist turned murderer in California between 1976-1986, she brings to life the survivors as well as post-hippie attitudes. McNamara explores the relational connections between victims and the people sworn to protect them but failed.

Unfortunately, McNamara died before the completion of the novel and isn’t around to witness who the killer (via DNA technology) is suspected to be.
Beautifully written and poignant, this book reads as an insight into the human psyche with a True Crime underbelly. A must-read even if you’re not a True Crime buff, this novel will make you into one.


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