Book Review: Two Noteworthy Nonfictions to Read!

Inheritance Book CoverAnother book bite Main Course good enough to be a sweet treat!

Inheritance: A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love by Dani Shapiro

Dani was one hundred percent Jewish—although she didn’t look like her two parents, having blonde with blue eyes—a fact that was always brought up to her wherever she was, with whomever she was with even other family members.
This obvious obscurity made Dani feel like an outsider without understanding why. On a whim, she has her DNA tested assuming that nothing will come of it. She was wrong.
Dani Shapiro’s novel Inheritance is a fantastic Memoir about what it means when who you suppose you are isn’t who your DNA says you are.
Inheritance is a quick read on a great subject that is relevant today with so many DNA sites available. After reading this work, I’m committed to selecting more books written by Shapiro—I’ve already subscribed to her podcast! (Family Secrets from iHeartRadio).



The Road to San Giovanni Book Cover

The Road to San Giovanni by Italo Calvino 

The Road to San Giovanni is a compilation of five essays translated from Italian to English, written by a famous Italian writer, but published by his adoring wife after his death in 1985. Each composition is a whimsical and poetic account of Italo Calvino’s life growing up, his love of the cinema, and the relationships that helped form him.
Written in a stream-of-conscious kind of way, Calvino brings the reader into the moment, into the scene, into the man’s own mind.
I was unfamiliar with Calvino and didn’t realize what a profoundly beautiful writer he was. After I finished this book, I came to know him as a man who saw magnificence in both the mundane and the mystery that makes up the world.
Reading Italo Calvino’s work is like falling through a portal to another time and place—it wasn’t planned, you didn’t know what you were getting into, and now, your perspective will never be the same.

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