Interesting, or Not

I don’t know if this means anything, or if it should. Today, while sitting at a stoplight, something caught my eye. In the lane next to mine was a woman driving a gray RAV4. She was a brunette with gold streaked highlights, wearing thick, black cat-eye makeup with sharp points.

Her hands were resting on the steering wheel at the standard, ten and two, and she wore a pair of ill-fitting plastic gloves in minty green.

I considered that two things might have been going on. First, the early thirty-something had just stolen the car and didn’t want her fingerprints anywhere on it. Which leads to other immediate questions: Why would she steel a RAV4? Why would she be cautious about leaving prints? Is she in CODIS (Combined DNA Index Systems of the FBI)?

Secondly, is she one of the people freaking out (understandably) about the Coronavirus? If so, where’s her mask?

Before I could glean any more, the light changed, and she took a right towards Costco.

I’m always surprised at what I see out my window. It makes me wonder if the same is true with other people. For example, while sitting at a stoplight, someone else happens to glance over and sees a forty-something woman looking at her. The woman is examining her closely, and then before the light turns green, she whips out her cell phone and begins taking notes.

What would that look like?

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