The Day the Cat Came

Here’s another story from a writing prompt I did this week. The main guideline was to write for six minutes based on this picture: Thanks to Stine Writing! It was a fun idea!

The Day the Cat Came

The cat had grandpa’s eyes, that’s all I knew, though no one believed me. I knew those eyes, had studied them my whole life and his had studied mine. We didn’t need to talk while fishing on the Green River, our looks were our words. That’s how I knew.

They said I was in mourning. They said it was a lack of sleep or stress. They wondered if I was depressed, too depressed, or sick. They said I just missed him so much, that’s why I saw my grandpa in everything living.

But that didn’t account for the sudden lightning storm that came without rain, and struck the transformers, knocking out the power of the whole town, just as Reverend Wilks was reading grandpa his last rights.

If the cat was just a stray, how did it get inside the house when the bathroom window can only be opened from the inside? That window’s tricky, we never open it. And how would the cat know that to open the window, you have to shimmy the glass from side to side just right so that the whole thing can click into place and not fall all the way out?

And most of all, if you don’t believe that cat had grandpa’s eyes, then how is it that the cat knew to scream my name?

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