Someone who is brave knows what they’re up against, but does it anyway. Bravery is the characteristic all Superheroes possess. They don’t necessarily seek danger, but they know it’s there and hit it head-on! It’s what they’re wired to do. It’s innate, intrinsic, natural, and essential! They are brave, emphasizing the ‘b.’

Many go headlong into doom and do it every day–sans cape, shield, or super-duper underwear. These people are also brave, emphasizing the ‘b.’ It’s just that their bravery looks different than the regular caped crusader.

Sometimes, their ‘b’ is turned around and is a ‘d’—d for depression. At times their heroism is a ‘d’ that is cut down to an ‘a’—for anxiety. This doesn’t mean they’re any less heroic.

Facing something every minute, every second of every day, knowing it’s there, knowing that the outcome may not change, and doing it anyway is heroic! That is the definition of bravery and the characteristic of a Superhero! It is strength, unyielding and tough—just like every person I know who has depression and anxiety.

So why do the d’s and the a’s feel broken or overwhelmed? Why do we work so hard to change, fix, or sway this thing that makes us view the world differently? Because we were told our difference is too much and that our otherworldliness is strange. That’s the lie and our Cryptonite!

Our weirdness makes us philosophers, poets, musicians, artists, and writers! How can what brings so much creativity, exhilaration, celebration, beauty, invention, and perspective be wrong? Why do we seek an explanation—look for that secret ingredient that will fix us and make us—less brave, less intrinsic, and less heroic?

When Clark Kent discovered he was different from everybody else, did he crawl into his ice cave and wait for his life to be over? NO! He embraced it.

Clark Kent didn’t get smaller, he got bigger and did it donning Lycra long johns! He zipped up his swanky boots and swung on a cape! Hell, he even ensured his underwear was emblazed with an ‘S’ to tell the world he was SUPER! His difference is what made him and what makes you incredible!

I’m not saying quit your medicine or fire your therapist. I’m telling you, you are who you are, where ever you are right now, and still, you are great! Don’t change this, embrace it! Stay SUPER! We need you!

*If you find yourself trapped inside your own Cryptonite capsule I want to help! Contact me if you struggle with writing due to anxiety or depression or if you’re just stuck! Let’s talk it out so you can do and be what you were always meant to be!

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